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Scatter Plots – Forearm to Foot Activity

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Create a Google Sheet for a Scatter Plot. If you search the Templates on Google Sheets you will see it is already there and pre-made. You will want to edit it to fit your needs. It is very simple to edit. Change the x and y axis to reflect what you want them to compare in their Scatter Plots. Then send every student the Google Sheet in Editable form via email or Google Classroom. They will be able to measure and then type in their info via their phone, tablet, or computer. You can have this sheet projected up on the board during class and they will all be able to see each other typing in their info live!
When they get to class have them type in their name in the T-Chart that comes in the Scatter Plot Template and then show them how to edit the Sheet by typing in your own measurements. I always start with Forearm to Foot. Here’s a secret. They will probably be better at using this technology than you. So, don’t be afraid to let them try other things.
When you are done with the Forearm to Foot comparison (which is a direct correlation) have them compare two things that do not correlate and then two things that have a negative correlation. 
Rather than teaching them the correlation types right off the bat let them discover them through this activity then go over them with them. 
If you aren’t comfortable with using the Technology you can create the same thing on a white board and have them go up one at a time and add in their measurements. 

Here are 3 things you can have them Make Scatter Plots for with the Live Google Sheet

  1. Foot to Height
  2. Hand to Height
  3. Hand Size vs Weight (No Correlation)

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