The Oder of Operations

The Order of Operations – Don’t ask your Calculator

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It really doesn't matter which method you use to teach the Order of Operations. You can use PEMDAS, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, or any other catchy phrase. That isn't the biggest problem. It is when they have to take their standardized tests and they don't understand that their calculator doesn't follow the order of operations. It follows the order they type things in.

Here are 3 Ways to Make Sure They Understand The Order of Operations

1.) When you are working through the Guided Notes make sure you are having them do the problem with you on the board then re-walk them trough it on the calculator. It takes more time but this is kind of the most important lesson of the year 🙂

2.) Keep in mind that everything you teach them here needs to be able to be "undone!" Meaning, when they learn how to factor any tricks you teach them won't help! They need to understand when to follow the order of operations and when they are "undoing" it.

3.) Use Visuals like this one! Print it out! Hang it up!

The Order of Operations - Pre-Algebra

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