Solving Two-Step Equations - Push the Undo Button -

Solving Two-Step Equations – Push the Undo Button

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Every year we ask our Geometry Teachers what the most important skill students need from Algebra to be successful in Geometry. Every year they say solving two-step equations.
Why is this such an important task? Because solving two-step equations is the first time your students have to think beyond one mathematical step to get what they need as an answer. The further they go in their math career the more steps problems require to be solved. If they do not have a grasp of two-step equations it will be impossible for them to move on.

Here is a Great way to start your lesson on Solving Two-Step Equations

You have spent tons of time pounding the Order of Operations into their heads. Now you need to teach them to “undo” the order of operations from outside in. Use the term undo rather than some technical math mumbo jumbo. They are familiar with this word and they know what it means. They use their cell phones, tablets, and computers everyday of their lives. All of these things have undo buttons.
This is a great way to teach them to get rid of all the things attached to the variable or isolate it if you have to be all math vocab technical 🙂

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