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Irrational Numbers are a nightmare to introduce. The reason is that the most logical place to start is with a proof of finding the length of a diagonal of a square with side lengths of 1 unit to be the Square Root of 2. However, this is way over their heads and they aren’t ready for that!
K.I.S.S. Keep It Super Simple!
I start with this very simplified explanation…

Irrational Numbers are Numbers that CAN NOT be written as Fractions. 

Fraction or Ratio = Rational
Not a Fraction or Not a Ratio = Irrational
In Pre-Algebra, this is really all the more they need to know at this point. Then you can go into showing them what they look like and teaching them about their properties.
  1. Irrational Numbers contain decimals that NEVER End (Terminate) and NEVER Repeat (Follow a Pattern)!
  2. Irrational Numbers are usually represented by symbols or as radicals (π, e, √2 )

(Here is the link to our other Properties of Numbers Lesson over on Algebra 2 Coach: Properties of Real Numbers)

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